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A More Specialized Approach to Managing Wealth

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Our Expertise

Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors is a leading money management and advisory firm based in Houston serving clients throughout the nation.

We are a highly specialized, fiduciary fee-based firm focused exclusively on advanced risk managed investing and retirement distribution planning... delivered with uncommon responsiveness and service.

Transparency, Simplicity & Value 


Advanced Risk-Managed Investing

By hedging against the risk of severe market declines, our investment strategies allow clients to participate in most of the upside of the equity markets while protecting their portfolios against the devastating losses that can sometimes be associated with investing in the markets.

Our Risk-Managed Portfolios are the result of our commitment to offering investment solutions that allow investors to benefit from investing in the equities market while reducing the inherent risks.

Many companies and investors are still relying on asset allocation strategies that hope to provide some protection in falling markets, though history has proven this is not enough to offer any predictability against market corrections. Our expertise combines low cost market participation with a hedge against catastrophic losses.

The principals at Post Oak have devoted considerable time and resources during the last 25 years towards developing innovative portfolio management solutions that provide investment returns in up markets and protection in down market environments. 

  • A distinct, innovative approach to address risk
  • Market risk managed similar to that employed by insurance companies
  • Experienced managers
  • Extensive risk management expertise
  • “Always protected…All the time”

“The most important factor in determining long-term investment success is the management of downside risk”.

-Robert M. Wyrick, Jr., CIO, Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors

Retirement Distribution Planning

If you’re approaching retirement, you’ll soon be making some complex financial decisions. One of the most significant decisions is how to take distributions of the funds you’ve accumulated.

Our Retirement Planning process is centered around the meticulous analysis of an individual’s retirement asset components, such as a company pension, 401(k) savings plan, company stock options, concentrated stock positions and after-tax savings; to create a plan of action that recommends exactly what steps to take, and when to take them.

You will likely have to make decisions on your retirement distribution before you leave your company, and it’s important that you make the right decision based on the specifics of your retirement plan and your personal circumstances. Otherwise, you risk paying excessive taxes and penalties.

Cash Flow Planning

The financial lives of corporate employees have grown increasingly complicated. The combinations of pre-tax and after-tax savings, pension choices, company stock, etc., have served our clients well in terms of providing valuable resources for retirement. However, knowing how and when to draw on which assets, and in the most tax-efficient manner is a critical and often overlooked step in the planning process. This is one of our areas of specialization.

The purpose of our innovative Cash Flow and Tax Design is to create an income plan that minimizes taxes, maximizes income and eliminates unnecessary risk.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management is built around you. It takes into account your objectives, your family-makeup, risk tolerance, retirement goals, time horizon, the corporate benefits and/or small business benefit strategies available to you, tax mitigation, and your estate planning desires encompassing your legacy, heirs and charities.

At Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors, you are at the center of a plan that coordinates and includes attorneys and CPAs to provide you with wealth accumulation, wealth management, wealth transfer and tax planning for you and succeeding generations. We utilize our experience to design plans that put your family’s needs front and center.  

Our collaborative approach helps ensure the best minds are working together as a team to develop the best and most appropriate strategies to achieve your personal and family goals throughout the generations.

These may include:

  • Retirement income, distribution, cash flow and tax planning
  • Estate planning coordinated with your attorney
  • Risk management and hedging strategies
  • Tax planning coordinated with your accountant

The Seamless Balance of Experience, 

Technology & Service

Our Firm

Post Oak delivers a unique blend of portfolio management sophistication, client friendly technology and an uncommon level of personal service.

Portfolio Management

With the latest in institutional technology, we employ portfolio crash testing to help determine an investor’s vulnerability in severe economic environments. Our experience, combined with modern tools and protective hedging provide our clients with an exceptional level of diligence and protection against extreme market environments.

Know Where You Stand

See your net worth and performance on demand. Link all of your accounts to our secure dashboard for a complete picture of your financial life anytime, on any device. Receive automated weekly emails showing your performance across all linked accounts.

Uncommon Personal Service

We deliver to you the highest level of expertise wrapped in an easy-to-work-with package. Our paperless environment combined with respect, courtesy and responsiveness make our relationships with our clients very unique. We are rated as a premiere wealth management firm for many reasons, not the least of which is how we treat our clients, and the ease in which we make doing business.

Read Our Most Recent Market & Economic Commentary

Post Oak - November 2023 Commentary.pdf

About Us

Our Clients

From the very beginning we have served individuals, affluent families, and institutions who want a firm to guide them to and through specialized risk managed investing, retirement planning and beyond to their legacy and heirs.

Our clients include:

  • Senior Executives, Managing Partners, Principals and Business Owners
  • Medical and Legal Professionals 
  • Women Inheriting Wealth or Facing Divorce, Widowhood or Life Transitions
  • Multi-Generational, High-Net-Worth Families
  • Corporate Employees Nearing or in Retirement
  • Mid-Tier institutional Investors

Those who choose Post Oak are seeking the advantage of our uncommon expertise. We work with people who want unbiased and transparent financial advice provided to them on a fee-only fiduciary basis.  Our clients know and trust our expertise and that we put their best financial interests ahead of absolutely everything else.

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Our Difference

There’s a reason we’re often featured in the media and have a reputation for financial expertise. We have a deep understanding of the financial services industry from a money management, regulatory and an industry perspective.

But more importantly, we provide our clients with the exact same advice and service we give to our families and closest friends. We are considered a top advisory firm, not because the media trusts us, but because our clients have placed their trust in us, and we continue to earn their trust every day.

Managing your wealth is a task we take very seriously, and we know what it means to you and your family…the fulfillment of your dreams, securing your family’s legacy and creating the retirement you envision.

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Distinctive Service

When you call or meet with Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors, first you will notice that you are treated with respect, courtesy and responsiveness. We are rated as one of the nation’s premiere wealth management firms for many reasons, not the least of which is how we treat our clients. The advice we give you is the same we give our family members or take ourselves for our own portfolio.

We use the words “transparency, simplicity and value” because they’re words we believe in. We deliver to you the highest level of expertise wrapped in an easy-to-work-with package.

We stay in touch. We call you. We respond to you quickly. And we provide ongoing information and communications in the form of market commentaries, white papers, blog posts and social media. We exist to serve you—and share our passion for money management and the exclusive methodologies we’ve developed and refined.

In an environment that is increasingly more fragmented and impersonal, our mission is to deliver extremely personal and distinctive service. We are here for you, your children, your parents and your extended family members. You deserve our full attention, and we work alongside you throughout the years. You come first.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci

Our Team



Managing Director, CIO
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Robert M. Wyrick, Jr. serves as Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director for Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors.

Beginning his career as an intern with Oppenheimer & Co., Robert quickly developed a passion and talent for investing.   Robert received his formal training at the prestigious firm of Underwood, Neuhaus and Company where he trained and worked in all aspects of institutional investment management and began to understand the value of protecting portfolios in much the same way insurance companies hedge-risk.

A student and practitioner of the advanced principals of portfolio management, Robert has devoted his career to the refinement of growing wealth while using protective hedges as a means of preserving capital in difficult markets.  " I advocate low-cost participation in the market, with a small protective hedge to guard against catastrophic losses. The concept of more risk equaling more reward is simply not true across a full market cycle", says Robert.  

He is dedicated to prudent risk management and has devoted much of his twenty-five year career to developing innovative and simple portfolio management solutions. As former President and Lead Portfolio Manager for a national investment advisory firm, Robert has successfully guided investors and advisors through market turbulence for years. He has the experience, skill and knowledge to provide the guidance investors are looking for.

Robert’s experience, passion and dedication to developing cutting-edge portfolio management solutions make him a uniquely qualified investment manager. 

Robert can be reached at rwyrick@postoakprivatewealth.com or  281.580.2100 ext 224



Director - Strategic Planning
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As a valued member of the Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors team, Savannah's role is to utilize our various analytic platforms to create detailed financial plans and tax efficient retirement cash flow models for our clients. She is involved in many aspects of the firm's portfolio analytics on behalf of the firm and our clients. She specializes in retirement distribution planning, ROTH conversions, and cash flow analysis.

Savannah always knew business school was the route for her. She graduated cum laude from University of Houston with a degree in finance and decided to pursue a specialization in personal financial planning. She is also a CFP candidate in a registered board program. She joined the Post Oak team in 2021 where she found her passion for comprehensive financial planning and retirement analysis.

She is passionate about helping all generations create and maintain financial freedom through comprehensive wealth management, education, and thoughtful planning. Away from the office, she is the Vice President for Texas Young Professionals and her interests include running, cooking, and spending time with her Labrador Retrievers!

Savannah can be reached at skrenek@postoakprivatewealth.com or  281.580.2100 ext 205



Director- Wealth Manager
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Jason Burdine is a graduate of Texas A&M University where he received his Bachelor of Science. Jason began his career at the top tier reginal firm of A.G. Edwards and has been advising Texas families for over 20 years. He has earned numerous accolades for his commitment to exemplary service.

Jason counsels individual and institutional clients on Post Oak's prudent investment strategies designed to grow and protect wealth.

A tireless public servant, Jason served on the Board of Trustees for Fort Bend ISD where he oversaw a 1 Billion dollar maintenance and operation budget, supervised a $995 million dollar bond issuance and sat on the District Audit Committee.  Jason was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Texas School Safety Center Board in 2016.

Jason and his family have called Fort Bend their home for over 16 years.  Jason and his wife Andrea have two children. In addition to volunteering in his community, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, fishing and boating.

Jason can be reached at  jason.burdine@postoakprivatewealth.com or  281.580.2100 ext 200



Director - Wealth Manager
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With over 29 years of experience, Donna works to design your wealth to support the quality of life you desire for the the people you love, for the causes you care about and for the ability to impact this world.

Her education was earned thru accounting classes from Houston Community College and University of Houston which lead her into the Financial Planning arena. Her client base jump started her career and warranted her involvement as a member and instructor with the Council of Financial Educators, COFE. This 501 © 3 organization offers free financial education classes to communities nationwide. She is especially well versed in areas of Social Security and Challenges Women Face in Investing.

Donna’s technical knowledge, passion and attention to detail is reflected in every individualized plan she creates. She believes a written financial plan is the first key step in creating a successful roadmap for each family and understands the importance of advising clients on risk management.

“We are proud to have been operating in a fiduciary role for each client long before this became a popular catchphrase. This holds us to a particular standard and we know what it takes to create a long-term, successful plan for each client.”

Donna lives in Clearwater, Florida with her husband and pups. She travels between her Clearwater and Houston office. Her leisure time is spent at the beach and boating with family and friends.

Donna can be reached at  dbehler@postoakprivatewealth.com or  281.580.2100 ext 210



Wealth Manager
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Scott grew up in beautiful Salt Lake City Utah, and attended the University of Utah.  He began his career in software and electronics distribution before becoming a financial officer with an Air Freight Trucking company in 1998.  It was here that he began to view the financial market and risk through a different lens.

He began his financial services career in 2002 with UBS, then the prestigious firm of AG Edwards which ultimately became Wells Fargo.

Scott has developed very specialized portfolio management knowledge, particularly as it relates to the use of options to generate income and protect portfolios in falling markets.  His many trips to Europe have given him a hands on and unique perspective of the global markets.

When he is not in front of his multiple computer monitors, you will likely find Scott fishing, traveling, motorcycling or home remodeling.

Scott can be reached at  scott.borgmeier@postoakprivatewealth.com or  281.580.2100 ext 250



Wealth Manager
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John E. Peterson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) professional. He has focused on providing investment advice and quality service for his clients for more than 30 years and has particular expertise in technical analysis. He works to empower individuals with the investment knowledge and resources needed to make intelligent decisions for both business and retirement. In that process, he cooperates with his clients' existing tax and legal advisors.

John served two years at the U.S. Naval Academy studying Oceanography. He then attended Villanova University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. The next 14 years he worked as a professional Civil Engineer, constructing electric generating stations both fossil and nuclear. Simultaneously, he spent several of those years providing services as a tax consultant. He then left those fields of endeavor to pursue his passion for finance.   Active in his church, John has volunteered for a variety of ministries at St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church and in the community. John and his wife Merrilee reside in Houston and are proud parents of five sons who recently have all served in the United States Marine Corps.

John can be reached at  john.peterson@postoakprivatewealth.com or  281.580.2100 ext 280

Blue-Chip Training and Experience On Your Side


To review our current thinking about the markets in general as well as our specific investment strategies, Post Oak Private Wealth Advisors produces economic updates and periodic topical white papers for download.

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We dedicate time each week to answering questions from people across the country on financial matters. If you have something you want to know more about, have a specific question about our services, or just need a little guidance - feel free to send us an email using the contact form below.

We work with families from coast to coast providing expert guidance on properly managing investment risk, retirement distribution planning, as well as many other areas of financial complexity. We seek to bring simplicity, transparency and value to our industry and those we serve.